Sintered Bearing, Bearing Bushes, Mumbai, India
Tool Room Machinary
Vertical Machining Center / VMC
EDM Brass Wire
Gantry High Speed Milling
Cylindrical Grinder
Centerless Grinder
Internal Grinder
CAM Grinders

       We supply all kinds of machine tools accessories for grinding, milling, turning and wire cut machines ( Matchling Tooling Taiwan ) / Tool Room Accessories

1. Grinding Machine Accessories
2. Grinding Machine Accessories & Spindle
3. Milling machine Accessories & Cutter Grinder
4. Boring Arbour Collet & Cutting Tool
5. Boring Arbour - Collet & Cutting Tool
6. Rotary Table & Balancing Analyzer Vibration Meter

Matchling tooling manufacture consistently: From research, manufacturing, management and market. Under the strict quality control and effective market system. Matchling tooling is the first manufacturer that has own certificate DIN EN OF ISO 9001 in Taiwan.

Matchling products are given below :

• Solid carbide cutters
• Grinding, EDM machine accessories
• Clamping tools for CNC milling machine and lathe machine
• Milling machine accessories
• Boring tool, tapping chuck, spindle, revolving center, shank etc.
• Tool holder, punch grinder, vises, mechanical/hydraulic vises
• Chuck, electro magnetic chuck
• Dividing head, angle block
• Measuring instruments, etc.

Matchling tooling co. can supply inspection instruments made in Swiss, Germany, Japan, Taiwan etc.
Matchling’s philosophy: “We ensure high quality in our products at reasonable price towards our worldwide network, we build over the decades… attaining client’s satisfaction is our main priority.”
Matchling can supply more than 10000 different kinds of products. Most of the items are kept in stock to satisfy the customer’s urgent need.




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